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Looking forward in 2021!

Friday 1 January 2021, 09:32

Good morning all, As a new year begins, we hope that 2021 things begin to repair, some point soon
We will begin to put this virus behind us! I hope that you all had the best Christmas possible, under circumstances, I wish you the very best wishes and health for 2021!
It has been far too long since I’ve seen us all socializing and competing. To all those sadly lost, throughout this pandemic, I know has been very difficult to come to terms with especially when we all are isolating, Normally I’d be configuring and looking forward to the masters, but that will not happen. But health and everyone’s wellbeing is all that is important!
Let’s make sure we don’t forget those that have been taken, not just because of Covid, but to all those that have passed. One thing that I definitely want to conclude is the Jim Williams trophy, when we are safe to do so we will complete this, and then look forward to welcoming all players and venues back as we look forward in 2021! For now take care and hope that we can return ASAP.

APL: Zack Harden.

SEASON DELAY due to Coronavirus safety concerns

Monday 16 March 2020, 19:24
Good evening All,

Due to government advise and guidelines the committee has decided in the best interest of every member of the pool league that we will temporarily suspend the league and all competitions
until further notice.
We appreciate your support and will Endeavor to provide updates and support information when available.

Our sincere apologies to each and every venue, but this is a government notice that we must abide too. Our season will Continue, when we are informed it is safe to do so.

Best wishes

Zack Harden
APL Secretary

JIM WILLIAMS Trophy Draw for Cross Pairs IS NOW LIVE!

Saturday 7 March 2020, 07:00
Next Thursday 12th March, The APL, and 8 venues host crossed pairs for the very 1st time! This is a KO event, which will see 42 pairs on the night get down to final 16!

This completion has been named after Jim Williams from The loco B, Jim has had some health issues since the beginning of last season, and has not returned yet. Jim has been playing in the league longer than I can remember, everyone at APL wish him the very best, and a speedy recovery, we hope to see him back on the tables alongside his teammates.

Draw was conducted by my son Jackson, who also drew out venues 1-8 as well. Lots of other information has been shared with your captains.

Venue 1: The George. * 2 winners *

Match 1:
K.Clifton+T.Parch Vs G.Newey+R.Clifton
Match 2:
C.Gardiner+J.Taylor vs B.Rocket+J.Judge

Venue 2: The Ashford Club * 2 winners*

Match 1:
K.Lamont+T.Goodwin vs T.Pepper+A.Blythe
Match 2:
J:Yerrall+J.Cronin vs S.O’neil+W.Hogben

Venue 3: The Alfred * 2 winners *

Match 1:
B.Thompson+O.Thompson vs M.Coleman+
Match 2:
Z.Harden+K.Ades vs B.Malyan+A.Ratchford

Venue 4: The Locomotive * 2 winners *

PRELIM Match 1: F.Shellock+D.Coker vs S.Thompson+G.Williamson
Match 2: L:Deeney+D.Arnold vs O.Mount+A.Vane
Match 3: winner of 1: vs G.Huckstepp+M.Bell-Hughes

Venue 5: The Phoenix * 2 Winners *

PRELIM Match 1: A.Baker+J.Loan vs S.Jepson+D.Nisbet
Match 2: D.Underdown+S.Lopez vs P.Penfold+A.Thompson
Match 3: Winner of 1 vs S.Riley+D.Beaumont

Venue 6: The Star * 2 Winners *

PRELIM Match 1: O.Toke+J.Bunting vs L.Smith+G.Griggs
Match 2: M.Clifford+K.Sharpe vs J.Saunders+D.Macdonald
Match 3: Winner of 1 vs P.Lopez+ T.Wilkes

Venue 7: The Albion * 2 Winners *

PRELIM Match 1: A.Stevens+M.Lear vs R.Bartlett+T.Wilson
Match 2: T.Mabb+D.Mabb vs J.Henderson+S.Lockerby
Match 3: winner of 1 vs I.Thomas+M.Willoughby

Venue 8: Singleton Barn. * 2 Winners *

PRELIM Match 1: S.Lee+G.Penfold vs E.Bailey+R.Taylor
Match 2: M.Myres+C.Myres vs R.Reeves+T.Miles
Match 3: winner of 1 vs Andrew Baker+Aaron Baker

Matches 1: to start by 8:15! If not on time and match 2 are awaiting they may play 1st.

Good luck to all pairs, Hope you have a great night. Ultimately either 10 or 15 frames at each venue maximum. Neutral tables so players to pay, 4 Singles with Dutch doubles in @ Frame 3. Singles each player should break one frame.

Many thanks.

Zack Harden
APL secretary


Wednesday 12 February 2020, 16:29
Good afternoon all,

last week we kicked off our NEW summer 2020 season! I'd like to thank all teams for embracing changes and their commitment to the APL.

upon committee discussions in the closed season period we decided to put forward a few changes:

As many of you may be are Jim Williams from The LOCO B has been a long term dedicated player within the APL. this season has commenced and sadly as yet Jim has not returned due to health issues that occurred a few times during last season. Personally I've know Jim since we played in the Charing and district league some 22 years ago and since that folded has been a regular competitor in the APL. We all at APL wish Jim a speedy recovery, and are honored to reward his dedication to the league by Naming a New Trophy for Him.
The league committee will also nominate a few candidates that will be put before the league players to acknowledge outstanding achievement or commitment to the APL on a yearly basis. Of which one player/ representative from a venue will receive the award.

This season, THE JIM WILLIAMS TROPHY will be contested by a Knockout # CROSSED PAIRS #

A very brief description of this,

*A MATCH WILL CONTESTED BY two teams of Two players, and 5 FRAMES OF POOL


More details will follow ASAP once names have been received. This WILL BE PLAYED ON THURSDAY NIGHTS during THIS season!

1ST ROUND is 12th MARCH 2020

2ND ROUND is 4th June 2020

FINALS NIGHT is 2nd July 2020

Out of respect, I hope that this competition is well received by all and we get plenty of entrants.

Please complete registrations through your captains, by no later than THURSDAY 27TH FEB.

Many thanks


Our 2019 JOHN MORRISON'S MASTERS Champion is............

Monday 27 January 2020, 19:27
Sunday 26th January;

we contested the last pool matches from the 2019 seasons! I'd like to thank Mark, his staff at the Ashford club for hosting this amazing event for the 3rd year running.

The Masters, named in memory of John Morrison, is the most prestigious title available, and is a seeded competition that contests the top 16 players of the calendar year, the full draw and results can be seen under view tab, top of page, and then scroll to tournaments.

Doors opened @ 12pm, with Seeds 1-4 J. Yerrall, J.Cronin, D. Nisbet & D.Riley all kicking off the competitions with 1st four matches.

145 frames were played on the day until we had a new champion, seeds 1, 2, 3 all through to the semi finals without much scare, possible the outsider performance of the day was seed 12 Matt Clifford, who knocked out seed 4 in quarter final, after already a tight encounter with teammate Alec Blythe 6-4 in round 1. I think with all respect to all players seed 4, Dave had the harder draw than the other top seeds, with a 1st round match vs last years quarter finalist Dan Morrison.

the semi finals, the standard was raised, as seed 1, Jamie Yerrall, fended off 12, Matt Clifford for an 8-4, the other semi final contested former two times reining champion, seed 2 vs 3, Joe Cronin vs Daniel Nisbet, this was quite some match, 3 Dan, was in great form and led from the start it appeared that he would regret missed opportunities, as his performance was commanding he never rallied away and Joe was not giving up, Dan held on to win 8-5

so A brand new name will be engraved on the JOHN MORRISONS MASTERS TROPHY,

THE FINAL contested BY Jamie Yerrall (1) vs Dan Nisbet (3) commenced a little shakey to start with with the 1st frame looking really important not to concede, Jamie took and early lead, 3-0, this match intensified through the middle patches, and tensions were high and the stakes even higher, Dan Fought back to 4-4, Jamie took initiative once more in frames 9, 10, Dan Pulled back the 11th Frame with a great clearance to give hope of a comeback @ 5-6 down, Jamie then once more pulled away, with the 12th and the 13th Frame being decisive as a tactical game, with full use of the deliberate ruling, This put our seed 1 player one frame away from being champion, Dan unable to nestle a tight snooker when critical, then Jamie cleared to finished the frame to complete the day and 145th frame in 9 hours To become our


Finally, thank you to all players that played and supported during the day, the tournament and seasons could not be possible without your commitment and dedication to the APL.

Zack Harden
APL Secretary


Friday 17 January 2020, 21:14
Good evening all,

Last night we held the final set of league matches, before I acknowledge the victorious teams and Players, we would like to thank every Venue, Teams, captains and all players for their Commitment and support To the APL and another for superb season!

The Premier 2019 CHAMPIONS once more, for the 4th occasion in a row, and a second unbeaten season goes to Charing Magic, Their last defeat in the league was at the hands of this seasons Runners Up Bash N Hope, on 10th May 2018. a fantastic record, and shows the consistency this team have.

This Seasons Premier player of the season, went right to the wire, on the last night, this swung between two teammates, J.Cronin ( 86% ) & D.Nisbet, Joe just piping Dan to the award by one frame, the same difference has separated them from the 2019 masters seeding, Our defending 2 times John Morrison's Masters Champion, will try to retain his title starting from 2nd seed for the 1st time in the competitions 3rd year. Dan will line up 3rd seed.

The 1st Division has been the tightest campaign I can remember, 4 teams at the top of the league playing to be champions in the last set of fixtures. 3rd Place Phoenix taking advantage of John Wallis who were 4th and were victorious over 1st place Ashford Club A, Phoenix gained the 7 points they needed, and The George B who were in second, a 9-6 win @ Queens Head A, just 1 frame shy, So the top 3 all tied on 192, JW on 190,

Phoenix ARE 2019 Champions by Matches Won!

Ashford Club A Runners up: also by Matches Won, and will Face Sellindge Social Club for a place in the Premier league.

Division 1 : Player of the season goes to George B captain Nathan Malthouse with 82.5%

Before we arrive at Presentations, Next week 23.01,2020 we Have the following matches, Please feel free to come and support, the teams all battling for Honors.

PREMIER PLAY OFF will be contested by Sellindge Social Club Vs Ashford Club A @ The Locomotive. matches to start @ 8pm.

TEAM TINY KO FINAL will be contested as L8 Night George vs Up the Alfred @ Charing Pavilion. Match to start @ 8pm

The Big One! THE 2019 TEAM KNOCKOUT final Our Premier champions Charing Magic vs Our current KO Champions Bash N Hope! This show piece will take place @ The Alfred, kicking off @ 8PM


ONCE MORE , thank you to you all, Congratulations to all winners, and Bset of luck to all Teams next week!

Zack Harden
APL Secretary


Saturday 14 December 2019, 15:33
The ASHFORD SINGLES pool league, is continuing to grow! This is a great opportunity for any player regardless of ability to go out and enjoy matches, that are very flexible to arrange, longer matches, for you to sustain the challenge..........
this is a great platform and I'm sure if this is just taken as a practice exercise then this will help massively with your match pool.
MATCHES are randomly drawn Home and away, each player playing every player once, and Home player deciding the venue. Table costs are to be shared. Matches are Best of 12 Frames, 3pts for a win and 1pts for the draw. all contact, results recorded by whats app group. Every game is vital, and will conclude to a Masters style KO at the end of season.

I believe registrations were open a week ago, and 16 have already signed up! if you too fancy this then please get in contact with Mick Bell-Hughes or Gary Huckstepp who will be delighted to chat with you.

SEASON WILL START 12TH JAN........1st weeks games to be played by 19th, so hurry to get you spot!

REGISTRATION IS £25.00 for those that fulfill their fixture list they will receive £20.00 back. this will roll over unless the player chooses to withdraw from the league. the remainder will go towards website costs and towards prize money for the end of season KO.

Feel free to contact via captains page if you are interested in this, I'd love to help getting their numbers up to and above 20?

kind regards

APL Secretary


Saturday 14 December 2019, 15:13
As our season approaches the final few weeks, we also reach the semi finals of the team Knock out and Tiny cup.

the semi finals will be contested, on 2ND JANUARY 2020, venue will be announced soon.

matches will be played with 1st to 8!, with the original team knockout to continue with the Handicap system that was in place when the initial draw was made. The Tiny cup all matches will commence 0-0. Please can all captains send me result sheet on the night on Whats app upon completion of the match.

We wish all the teams the best of Luck!

Zack Harden
APL Secretary

TEAM TINY .........The APL

Monday 19 August 2019, 20:25
This past week, has been a very dark time for the pool league, and public as we try to come to terms with the horrific attack on Ettienne Bailey last Thursday when the Harvey were scheduled to play Pro’s and cons @ the Harvey in the team KO.

I know this has been very disturbing, and effected a lot of players that were present, and will continue to do so during Tiny’s recovery process.

The league, all players and members of the public have given so much support, and the strength that we all find within is mind blowing.

On Sunday 18th Aug. Ashford A, pool team, were due to host run away division leaders Maidstone A at the Woolpack, not all of you may be aware of this, but Tiny has been a key figure in the inter league set up for the past few seasons, I cannot remember him missing a game, even if he missed many of shots...... but with the events that occurred, and also the struggles that captain Gary Huckstepp has had in fielding a team this season, it was considered extremely briefly that time had come to throw the towel in. But the league stood strong and all players came out in full support Sunday night! We witnessed a spirit, determination in the team and a desire to play for tiny. Ashford A. On Sunday night, played as Team Tiny, and if not for a last frame dish by Maidstone A player could have won our 1st game of the season. But a 9-9 draw!... the 1st team to take points from Maidstone, which should have been more was delightful. I know I speak for Gary, and say that we both as other players were proud to part of the team. The league will continue to support all where we can.
Ettienne and family have been so surprised by the volume of support and visitors that have all been so generous come to see Tiny.

From all at Ashford pool league. We hope that Tiny has a speedy recovery, we know he is in the right place to be cared for, and all professionals at the hospital will continue to do an amazing job!

Please continue to support the go fund me page for Ettienne.



Sunday 7 July 2019, 21:08
Good evening all,

This Thursday 11th JULY we gather for presentations and Registrations for your coming winter season and a LEAGUE MEETING to discuss any further business

We are delighted to have accepted our invitation to host this at THE QUEENS HEAD kingsnorth.

Registrations will open from 8:15pm. any captains, venues wishing to transfer funds are more than welcome before Thursday. although I would be grateful for one representation for each applying team to be available for the meeting to enable your views to be aired.

We will aim for Presentations to commence around 9pm. with a short meeting after.

YOUR NEW SEASON will kick off on the 18th JULY.

i hope that I may welcome you all to acknowledge all our winners, and support the APL moving forward.

many thanks

Zack Harden
APL Secretary

League Tables

Premier Division P W PTS
Charing Magic 4 4 12
Table 6 4 3 9
Get up the Alfred 4 2 7
Albion D 5 2 7
Bash ‘n’ Hope @ AC 5 2 7
Locomotive B 4 2 6
L8 Night George 5 2 6
The Phoenix 4 1 4
Singleton Barn B 5 0 0
Division 1 P W PTS
Ashford Club A 5 4 13
Queens Head B 5 4 13
John Wallis Swans 5 4 12
The Star 5 3 9
George Inn (Bethersden) B 5 2 7
Luna's Loco 5 1 6
Phoenix SB 5 1 4
Join the Cue 5 1 4
The Original Q's 5 1 3
Queens WP 5 0 0

Player Statistics

Premier Division P W %
Joe Cronin 10 10 100.0%
Jamie Yerrall 11 10 90.9%
Tommy Lee 12 10 83.3%
Andy Stevens 12 10 83.3%
Dave Riley 9 7 77.8%
Division 1 P W %
Paul Webb 12 10 83.3%
Jason Skinner 11 9 81.8%
David Coker 15 12 80.0%
Dave Moore 15 12 80.0%
Ian Thomas 15 12 80.0%


Dish P W %
Dave Riley 9 2 22.2%
Jamie Yerrall 11 2 18.2%
Alec Blythe 5 1 20.0%
Tom Pyney 6 1 16.7%
Alan Thorn 9 1 11.1%
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