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Jim Williams x Pairs 2024

Monday 4 March 2024, 21:17
This coming Thursday the 7th March for the second time since his passing we contest the Jim Williams X pairs. I’m delighted with the numbers for this as we’ve had 59 pairs which is almost perfect.

Please see below a brief description of the format.

* venues are drawn, They are all luck of draw, Please respect the landlords and venues. We’ve selected all venues that entered pairs. They do not have to open tables. So expect to pay for tables. You may be pleasantly suprized.

* Typically there are 4 Doubles pairs at each venue with one winner coming through on the night last 64 and 32.

* Online match 1 has been drawn and will start at 8pm. Please make sure all are there ready to start.

* Each match will contest of 5 maximum frames. 2x singles. Doubles and 2 x Singles. The winner is the 1st to 3.

* upon conclusion of 1st match the Winner shall await the winner of match 2 for a final on the night between two winners.

To try to simplify to prevent doubts below I will summarize the 1st match.

Venue Locomotive

Match 1: Bob Thompson & Owen Thompson vs Graham Haywood & Andy Stevens

Frame 1: Bob (1). Vs. Graham (1)
Frame 2: Owen (2) vs Andy (2)
Frame 3: Dutch Doubles
Frame 4: Bob ( 1) vs Andy (2)
Frame 5: Owen (2) vs Graham (1)

Match 2: Will Follow in same ordering. Followed by a final on the night as Match 3.

Dutch doubles should be played with a good spirit of the game, Talking between shots should only be carried out before a shot is taken. Whilst the visit is in play until a shot is missed then further discussion isn’t permitted.

I wish all a fantastic night and hope we hane some great games good luck to all players.


APL Shootout 2024

Sunday 24 December 2023, 18:38
Event: APL ShootOut 2024
Date: 4th January 2024
Time: 19:30 start

- 5 man team (closely matching your Thursday team)
- 1 set shoot out (Best of 5, or the leading team after 20 minutes)
- Black ball shootout to determine the winner if the match is a tie after 20 minutes
- 30 second shot clock
- Limited to 32 teams
- Competition run on a Knockout basis
- £1 entry per person (minimum of £5 per team)
- £100 to the winning team
- £50 prize to a randomly drawn player in the event

If your team cannot get a team, or has too many players please let the committee know as we have several players in the same boat that want to play - we will field as many teams as possible.

The APL Committee would love all teams to attend - please do what you can to be involved.

Any questions please message me

07843 625646

Ashford & Singleton Barn’s sad loss as Manager loses his battle.

Tuesday 13 June 2023, 21:23
As you are probably aware Darren Bispham, manager of Singleton Barn, passed away after a battle with cancer within the past few weeks.
Singleton Barn have been a big part of our pool league for many years and I am sure you will join me in sending your condolences on to his family and the Singleton Barn family that lives and breathes the pub. Darren committed his time and effort to even play in the league himself years ago and will be sorely missed by all.

There is a celebration of life for Darren on the 25th June from 2pm. Darren and his family extend the invite to all to ensure his life is celebrated and remembered as it should be.

RIP Darren from all within The APL

Summer 2023 Season Kick Off

Friday 10 February 2023, 12:29
The season kicks off on the 16th February, fixtures online and a printable PDF available under the Files menu.

A high level overview of what's coming this season...
- 28 teams across 3 divisions

- Team Knockout (handicapped scoring). Draw online.

- Plate KO for the 1st round losers above.

- Dutch doubles competition (cash entry, all money in all money out --- more details to follow).

- Ashford Singles event (cash entry, all money in all money out --- more details to follow)

Plus a potential of 2 more events during the season.

Best of luck to all, have a great season.

Ladies KO 2023

Friday 20 January 2023, 10:29
Congratulations to Sammy Foreman, Singleton Barn A on winning the APL Ladies KO.

Sammy went undefeated on the night to win the first APL Ladies KO.
7 Ladies from our league did battle at the British Rail Club to find our first winner. Thanks to the British Rail Club for hosting the evening.

The League aim to make this an annual event.

Well Done Sammy!


Tuesday 10 January 2023, 21:23
This Thursday, another successful season will reach a conclusion. We would like to thank all players, captains, venues and landlords as without all of these the competition wouldn't exist.

This season has flown by, I hope everyone has enjoyed the matches and banter throughout the calendar where competition has been healthy but also enjoyable for all levels of players.

The APL continues to grow, this year we had one team representing Ashford in the Kent INTER league, we are delighted that next season, after some difficulties were overcome ASHFORD B Has now been successful with appeal and will be playing interleague this coming season! the new captain Kenny Sharpe has been instrumental and a credit to the league in his efforts pushing this over the line. due to news that broke during this season, many local leagues are following in our footsteps as international rule set makes huge steps forward for 2023. All interleague and events will now be contested with these rules adopted. having had a season learning these rules, we wish Ashford A and Ashford B the best for the new season.

I've created a short summary for each division to update all before this weeks final league games.

Newly crowned Champions THE ELWICK CLUB, will be promoted and contest in our 1st division next season, 2nd also now confirmed with Ashford Club B awaiting a playoff to gain promotion, where they will travel to the team finishing in 8th in the 1st division. Ashford club will have to win 8 in 15 frames to be promoted at the expense of their opponent.
THE PLAYER OF THE SEASON, will be decided on the final night, with a slight buffer Steve Cooper is two winning frames away from retaining or winning the prize again. hot on his heals, 2nd and 3rd cannot drop frames if they hope to take the top place. Therefore this week league games that will decide our P.O.S! Ashford club B travel to Rose B, and AC RISING FROM PHOENIX will travel to Balls up the Arc.

Much like Div2, Our top 2 are now confirmed, Runaway leaders ALBION ACES will be promoted as champions, for the 1st time in asking as they were relegated due to a reformat. The second team from ASHFORD club and the A team are also awaiting a playoff! they await a trip to either The Albion D, OR Rose Inn A where they must win 8 in 15 frames to gain promotion.
At the foot of the table it has been tight for weeks, and we are yet to decide whom will get relegated. a crunch game at Matches where they host Lunas Loco, to put this this into context, matches and social have to win to then swap places, and then will be in a playoff rather than automatic relegation. history could be made, with both LOCO teams being relegated, or will LUNA survive and then they both contest in the same league next season.
BEAVER A incidentally are safe due to head to head results. The PLAYER OF THE SEASON champion is DION ORRIS. Dion has been in fine form for a couple of seasons and has quite a buffer over 2nd place, he has been called up and will play INTERLEAGUE next season and will represent the A TEAM. well done Dion, great season.


With the JOHN MORRISON MASTERS weeks away, every frame around the venues is precious to those trying to reach that top 16 qualification from the year! this is combined stats from two seasons and a seeded comp!
But before we get to the masters, we still have much t be decided......................................................

I start at the foot of the league, LOCO B last week were condemned to relegation. the 1st time in history, losing to ALBION D. a lot of history to be made this week, can The ROSE A also be one of the only promoted teams not go straight back down, at the half way point, the ROSE looked pretty doomed, but they have had a incredible second half, but there job is not yet complete they travel to play the LOCO. not far away, ALBION D simply have to win at Home to L8 KNIGHTs, or better the ROSE outcome. SO the ALBION need LOCO B, the team they relegated to help them!! what a night we will have.
At the top, MAGIC, once again champions, after beating dukes head last week, they now face CON ARTISTs, THE DUKES now in 3rd, will play 4th sloppy seconds, where it isn't just bragging rights and league finishing positions at stake, as Individually many fighting to be in or as high up the masters leader board. Con artists can complete a superb campaign if they avoid defeat, they will finish 2nd, due to head to head with Dukes head.
finally, PLAYER OF SEASON, a week ago statically 9 players in contention, the last evening it is down to 3! Dan Nisbet and Mick bell-hughes must win all three! yet Our current masters champion does not tend to let a lead drop, JOE CRONIN needs 1 frame to be crowned PLAYER OF THE SEASON for 6th season, all the way back to 2018 winter!

details will become LIVE very soon for THE NEW SEASON, registration details will be shared with all current captains. Any new teams and venues please contact the league where will try to accommodate all.

TO all Players and teams We wish you all the best this week, and look forward to welcoming you for another season very soon.

ps. NEXT WEEK JIM WILLIAMS X PRS returns where 16 COMMENCE and we will have our last 4 pairs BY THE END OF THE NIGHT.

APL secretary

Brand NEW *INTERNATIONAL* 2022 Season Now OPEN

Friday 12 August 2022, 05:28
Good morning All,

Last night, One week before the season kicks off. It was put forward and approved we had opportunity to practice within teams or play a friendly to understand the new rules. I’d like to thank everyone for engaging in this transition and feel for the benifit of APL we will develop everyone’s attacking and potting game.
I also delivered, many rule posters along with fixture guides for the benifit of our venues. Over the coming days please arrange with me, to collect if required.

We had a slight Re format. Which I thank everyone involved who helped make the correct decisions. 3 equal divisons. With a bye in each tier.
• Jim Williams XPairs will be contested again this season. Pairings should be provided to league secretary by week 6 results being sent in.

Thanks again for supporting the APL and best of luck to everyone this coming season!!

Zack Harden
APL secretary

Ashford Pool League, Welcomes all back, for Brand new Season! IT is LIVE!

Sunday 16 January 2022, 18:23
Thankyou to all teams supporting and registering for this coming season. this is now live!
Captains have been notified. Wk commencing 17th We’ve set up games for all teams to prepare for the start of the season! In just over a weeks time!

I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome Albion Aces, Alfred A, Ashford Rail D, Balls up The ARC, Beaver A & B, Elwick Club B, William Harvey, Willesborough Cricket club, White Horse B Singleton Barn A, Phoenix Knights & The Dukeshead A

This is a huge growth for The APL and we hope that you enjoy many matches this season and beyond. I’d like to thank the members of the ACPL for the transition, and referring teams towards the APL. For Ashford as a community to reunite can only be a good thing for all. Our aim this season is for all three divisons to be fully competitive.

This season Teams must be ready to start matches at 8pm!

The next post will be announcement of the final John Morrison masters line up for the oncoming event which will be held two weeks today!

Many thanks

Zack H

2022 BREAKING NEWS.............

Thursday 6 January 2022, 16:44
Happy new year to all players, teams and venues associated with APL. many messages have circulated around our team captains.

I'm delighted that Tonight! some 95 weeks since covid19 stopped many aspects of life we've managed to complete our 1st season living with Covid!

Congratulations to Magic, whom have once more won the league, tonight's challenge? can they go unbeaten again when they face runners up Bash n Hope. with so much additionally riding on Player of season this will be a great end to the season!

1st Division is extremely tight, and either top Two Matches or Luna Loco could be champions. Matches no they have a margin and in their control but the gap is small!
Player of season is ever so tight as well.

Good luck to all players and Teams tonight, to protect each other, try to take a lateral flow before the matches this evening.


John Morrison Masters, has not been contested since Jamie Yerrall won back in early 2020! this prestigious award is the highest we have, and normally is top 16! combining stats over two seasons and one calendar year. due to Covid this will be contested from our top 16 at close of play tonight! best of luck to all as they aim to finish as high as possible as this is a seeded draw. more to follow.

JIM WILLIAMS X PAIRS final will be contested Next Thursday 13.01.22 @ Charing Pavilion, between D.Nisbet & S.Jepson vs K.Bryant & D.Crust. best of luck to both pairs as they aim to win this award for the 1st time since Jim sadly passed.


IMPORTANT : Please do not Skip, due to High rise in Covid, Presentations have been put on hold and we will conduct a duel presentation in the summer. this is to try and avoid a large gathering, due to this REGISTRATIONS are now open for the NEW season! I'm trying to direct teams to do this remotely, so please to Confirm your spot for next season! do not delay, Call me NOW and transfer to register!!! I will be @ The final next week where REGISTRATIONS WILL CLOSE 10pm on 13.01.22

Thankyou to all players, Teams and Venues for their commitment to the APL, we aim for the league to grow next season and hope that you all remain the biggest and most important part of it.

Many thanks for taking the time to read, and i look forward to challenging on the tables with you all next season.

zack Harden


Tuesday 14 September 2021, 19:57
Good evening all,

As previously mentioned through our Captains Page, This week we welcome the addition of two new teams from The Rose INN.
These two teams occupy, and take over the two byes we previously had wk. 1+2 from each division. Wk 1 Byes, have now been re scheduled for the catch up night on 4th November 2021. this will only require Match day 2: L8 Night vs Rose Inn A + Rose B vs Singleton Barn to be arranged during the season when this can be fitted in.

Please Assist Both teams and captains, so they are welcomed into our league as smoothly as possible.


New Score Sheet has now been added to website: this has also been sent to all captains via what's app page. In the event of a draw, is the home team captain that is responsible for sending through on the group on the night. otherwise is the winning captain. Please remember both captains to sign the sheet off on the night.


Finally, but certainly not least important. Two weeks on Thursday THE JIM WILLIAMS cross Pairs 2021/22 will commence on 30th Sept. This night has been assigned to this event which will be a knock out tournament process. as previously requested, when sending in your results this week. please also send me a message with your pairings for this tournament. Those that cannot remember the format, basically as follows, ( P1 vs P1) (P2 vs P2) (P1+2 VS P1+2 Dutch) ( P1 vs P2 ) & ( P2 vs P1 )

Jim was a superb gentlemen, and extremely well liked, He played and supported the league longer than I can remember! would be superb, if we get at least two pairs from every team, if we can get three would be fantastic for this great event. pending numbers this may be divisional, but I need all entrants before 17th Sept 2021. as mentioned this replaces league games, so should be a well received event with lots of entrants.

the venues and Ties will be drawn on the 24th Sept. but in order to format, we need in as mentioned above.

Kind regards


League Tables

The Magic 18 16 48
Dukes Head A 18 15 46
Sloppy 2nd’s 18 11 35
Alfred Arms A 18 11 34
Locomotive B 18 8 25
Beaver Inn B 18 7 23
Albion D 18 4 15
L8 DUKES (*Sellindge*) 18 4 14
Albion Aces 18 3 13
Matches 18 1 5
Division One P W PTS
Rose Inn A 16 16 48
Star Burst 16 13 39
Singleton Barn B 16 11 34
The Star 16 8 26
Luna's Loco 16 8 24
White Horse (Bilsington) 16 5 17
The Phoenix 16 4 12
Willesborough CC 16 3 9
A C “Rising from the Phoenix” 16 0 -1
Division Two P W PTS
Ashford Club A 16 13 41
Beaver Inn A 16 12 39
Elwick Club B 16 11 34
Balls up the ARC 16 8 27
Ashford Rail Club E 16 6 19
William Harvey 16 6 19
White Horse B ( Bilsington) 16 5 17
Ashford Rail Club A 16 4 12
Singleton Barn A 16 0 1

Player Statistics

Joe Cronin 54 45 83.3%
Darell Beaumont 51 42 82.4%
Jamie Yerrall 54 42 77.8%
Terry Pepper 46 34 73.9%
Dave Riley 48 35 72.9%
Division One P W %
Kevin North 35 29 82.9%
Rob Smith 42 32 76.2%
Matt Coleman 45 34 75.6%
Tony Longhurst 38 28 73.7%
Alan Thorn 47 34 72.3%
Division Two P W %
Steve Cooper 36 29 80.6%
Matt Brown 42 33 78.6%
Bob Thompson 42 32 76.2%
Ian Thomas 41 31 75.6%
Owen Thompson 44 31 70.5%


Dish P W %
Darell Beaumont 51 6 11.8%
Steve Jepson 42 4 9.5%
Dion Orris 42 4 9.5%
Daniel Nisbet 45 4 8.9%
Terry Pepper 46 3 6.5%
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